Finnair values

Working together

We understand that for us to succeed, we need everyone's input. We trust each other. Working together means reaching towards common goals and collaborating cross-functionally and externally with our partners. We understand the implications of our actions to other teams and we share to care for each other.

Commitment to care

We care about our customers and each other. We take responsibility and act responsibly. We are there for our customers by delivering the expected customer experience with high quality. We work together as one Finnair team, respecting and appreciating one another.


Simplicity is all about how we work together at Finnair. It refers to our processes, openness, transparency, clarity, efficiency, professionalism, low hierarchy, and agility.


We have the courage to look to the future with an open mind. Courage is inspiration, creativity, Finnish “sisu” mentality, and the ability to step up and give feedback.

Ethics and social responsibility

Today and in the future, Finnair must be able to meet the growing, diverse needs of Finnish and international customers. This is possible only if operations are competitive and profitable in the long term.

Social responsibility is a fundamental attitude, a way of working and responding to the expectations placed on a company's activities. Finnair aims to belong to the elite in terms of quality, to bear its responsibilities and to act as a good example. Our company has significant expectations to fulfil in its role in society.

A glittering history is no guarantee of future success. That's why corporate responsibility is an important part of our company’s management. 

Finnair Code of Conduct

In a logistically demanding business with global reach in many different legal jurisdictions and cultural traditions, good intentions and instincts are not enough – clear ethical guidelines and principles for doing business must be articulated as well.

Read Finnair Code of Conduct (PDF) (Opens in a new tab)

Supplier Code of Conduct

As an airline, however, we are only at the tip of a very deep supply chain. Of equal importance, then, is Code for Suppliers, which governs all procurement decisions.

Read Finnair Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF) (Opens in a new tab)

Report misconduct or violation

If you see or suspect misconduct or violation of our Code of Conduct or Supplier Code of Conduct, please submit a report through the Speak Up web service which is called Ethics helpline at Finnair.

Read more about Ethics helpline