Careers at Finnair

Working at Finnair

We at Finnair are a team of dedicated and ambitious professionals from around the globe. We serve a challenging global market and take pride in our operational excellence and high-quality products.

How do you know if we are a good fit for you? In the recruitment process we highlight professional expertise and relevant education as well as individual attributes such as the ability to take initiative, the capabilities to develop and collaborate as well as the motivation for the applied job.

In addition to job-specific competences, we want to hire people who share our values and are committed to our vision of offering a unique Nordic experience to our customers.


Do you think you need to be a pilot to join Finnair? Even though pilots and crewmembers are an essential part of our daily operations and success, it takes more to build a successful airline business. For example, we have professionals designing the customer experience, developing our customer offering and digitalizing our services in addition to mechanics and maintenance personnel taking care of our fleet and our expert teams working with cargo, HR, finance and communications.

Interesting industry

Airline business is unique in the sense that it requires seamless teamwork from several competence fields to be able to offer safe and comfortable journeys for all our passengers. Therefore it is the perfect working place for those who are ready to learn the difference between this and other industry fields and constantly develop our business in the ever-changing global environment.

Developing leadership

We believe in participatory leadership and that leaders should constantly develop throughout their careers. That is why we pay extra attention in providing our leaders opportunities to improve their leadership and support their growth in leading not only people and the business but also themselves.

Supporting competence development and growth

Our people’s experience is extremely important to us. We want to help our employees to develop themselves at work, to grow in the direction that will support their passion and strengths and also to courage everyone to give their best every day.

How we do this in practice for example is that we link performance and competences in our personal development discussions, encourage people to give and receive feedback and bring competence development as a key part of leadership competences. Additionally, in the next couple of years we will focus even more on developing our competences in customer experience and digitalisation.