Cabin crew

World-class customer experience by Finnair’s cabin crew

Our cabin crew members play an important role in creating a unique Nordic experience for our passengers. With some 2,000 professionals, the cabin crew unit is the single largest department at Finnair.

Working as cabin crew

Working as cabin crew requires a strong customer-service spirit, situational intelligence, good social interaction skills, adaptability, team spirit, flexibility and the ability to take initiative. If you also have a twinkle in your eye and a genuinely positive attitude to life, you may very well be just the kind of person to suit the job.

The work itself is irregular in many ways. Flights and work shifts take place on various weekdays and times, with destinations around the world. Especially at first, you may need to work on all public holidays, such as Christmas and Midsummer. The work also involves standby shifts, during which you must be prepared to report to work on one hour’s notice.

On average, cabin crew have at least 10 days off per month. Full-time employees work approximately 110 hours per month. Working hours vary considerably depending on the month, the person, their qualifications and so on.

How to become a member of the cabin crew

Cabin crew training is arranged based on our need for resources. Generally we offer employment fairly soon after you complete your initial training. However, going through the initial training does not automatically guarantee employment.

Basic criteria

We expect all cabin crew applicants to meet certain criteria, including academic background with an upper secondary school or other secondary school diploma, fluent English, normal hearing and color perception, good visual acuity and health as well as customer service experience. You must also be at least 160 cm tall, at least 18 years old and able to swim at least 50 meters. Finnish language is considered as an advantage.

Visible tattoos, dental jewelry and piercings are not permitted. Read more about tattoo guidelines here.

Cabin crew selection process

Cabin crew training

After successfully passing the Finnair recruitment process, you’ll receive a training invitation to Finnair Flight Academy. The new entrant training period takes eight weeks, during which you’ll learn Finnair’s operating policies and how to act in various safety, first aid and service scenarios.

Defined by the aviation authorities, the safety and first aid content is the foundation of the cabin crew members’ professional competence. Additionally, service communication and cultural awareness as well as Finnair’s vision and principles of good customer service are essential topics of the course. After the new entrant training, you will have the basic level of competence to work as a cabin crew member.

Finnair Flight Academy's highly professional instructors will guide and help you during all the phases of the training. We expect you to work hard, focus and give your best on all the exams, lessons and drills; we will evaluate your performance continuously. Your commitment will pay off when you become a certified cabin crew member for Finnair.

During your career, you will need to participate in annual training events on safety and service topics.

Questions and answers

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