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Developing digital services for smoother journeys

Finnair is one of the longest continuously operating airlines, and we are proud of that heritage. In addition, we are one of the leading airlines in digitalization and transforming the industry and the services we provide to our customers – making sure that this remarkable journey continues.

Digital services are at the very core of the renewed Finnair strategy. The role of digital services is increasing, be it in ensuring smooth and reliable operations, distributing and retailing our product offering, providing our people with state-of-the-art tools to do their work or making the customer journeys easy and enjoyable.

We need digital professionals from many areas to make the magic happen across our key markets. We develop a full stack of services, from customer and employee-facing tools to the back end and integrations. We work together with leading software companies on commercially available products to complement what we have developed ourselves. Data, analytics and data science have a key role in building efficient services and providing personalised experiences. All of these come alive through the professionals who work in our cross-functional teams and make sure that we deliver the best digital services.

Our goals

We aim to give the customer freedom of choice. Through our direct digital channels, such as and the Finnair mobile app, we can interact with our customers closely and provide them with countless opportunities, including the options for self-service in various phases of their journey. The same holds for our b2b and cargo customers, to whom we also offer the possibility to do business with us directly via digital channels.

What we offer

  • A multicultural low-level organisation that operates worldwide 
  • Interaction across different teams as well as with our customers, oneworld alliance partners and other stakeholders 
  • One of the top 10 ranked most appreciated employers by Universum  
  • Opportunities to grow 

Our business environment is modern, and all employees are treated equally. We encourage our people to use their skills and develop them. Our way of working is agile, and we have a lot of different kinds of roles, from product owners to developers to cloud and data scientists. Our main working language is English.

Open positions

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Software development at Finnair

Our software development teams solve problems in the complex airline industry. We design and develop services that help our customers through their journey, making it simpler and hassle-free. These services are, mobile app and inflight entertainment system, which are all custom-built in-house.

For internal staff and our partners, we build solutions that help them to get the right information at the right time as well as communicate with others in their work, for example, when doing an aircraft turnaround in Helsinki. This is done by building relevant mobile apps as well as backend and integration services. We also run and operate all the software and infrastructure we use, creating a DevOps arrangement across the board. We are firm believers of design-driven development and our solutions have already won several Red Dot Design Awards as well as local design awards here in Finland.

Our ways of working

We use a modern set of tools and tech stack and all of our digital solutions are built on Amazon's infrastructure. Our frontends utilise the latest scripting techniques, like Typescript, Angular and React. These are supported by APIs in the backend that are mostly based on serverless microservices built with Node.js and Java. All applications and most of the infrastructure rely heavily on build and deployment automation. Securing access to our systems as well as secure software development is of utmost importance for us.

We have several development teams, each having 5–12 members and all working on a different aspect of our digital footprint. All teams are cross-functional and consist of people from commercial product management, design, development and data science – seamlessly working together as a team. Most teams use a version of Scrum or Kanban and a set of different tools to facilitate the work but being nimble and truly agile is the most important aspect we're trying to achieve. We plan our work in three-month cycles and the teams typically work in 2-week sprints.

Providing tools for our flight operations

In Finnair, daily airline operations require multiple parts of the organisation and teams to work seamlessly and timely together. The key driver is to ensure the safety and on-time performance of the operations for our customers.  

The operational processes generate a lot of data. With that data, we want to build an operational view of the activities with past and current situations and build models to forecast the optimal operational decisions to be made in the future. For example, in the Finnair Operations Control Center, we built ML-based models to suggest decisions to optimise our operational cost for the customer.

In the long term, our key objective is to automate and optimise the operational processes with the help of data.

Finnair has also built several internal mobile apps for customer service usage. Those apps connect relevant operational and customer data, to serve our customers better and help our employees, such as pilots, cabin crew members and people working in ground handling. Building data-based tools requires robust overall architecture and integration platform that we continuously maintain and enhance.

Career stories

From cabin crew and flight crew to developer – and back!

Annika and Antti work in the Internal Digital Development team at Finnair and develop software and applications for Finnair’s employees. When it comes to developing something for our cabin crew and flight crew, their previous experience as a cabin crew member and a pilot is a huge benefit.

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