Developing Digital solutions at Finnair

We started building our own digital solutions several years back when it became evident that off-the-shelf solutions just didn't cut it anymore. The expectations of our customers (and our own employees!) had dramatically evolved and it was crucial to get releases out to the market in a faster pace. Also, it wasn't enough anymore to offer solutions that merely worked, we had to offer something that our customers and employees would love.

Virtually any new digital service begins by mapping out the user experience first. We've also embraced an agile way of working, which really was the only way to go. We currently have several teams with 517 members each, all working on a different aspect of our digital solution footprint. Most of the teams use Scrum, a couple use Kanban and a set of different tools to facilitate this, but being nimble and truly agile is the most important aspect we're trying to achieve. Being an airline, and building on a lot of legacy platforms in the backend, not everything can be decided by the teams themselves, but we still try to be as sensible as possible.

Our tech stack is modern and all of the digital solutions are built on top of Amazon's infrastructure. We've done a lot in terms of build and deployment automations, but there's still a lot of work left, especially in terms of automated testing. Our frontends utilize latest scripting techniques, like Angular2, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 to support web applications and iOS and Android on the mobile and inflight entertainment applications. These are supported by APIs in the backend, which is mostly based on Java with some Node.js in the mix.

I think that so far we've done excellent work in a short amount of time and we want to build on these strengths by creating a solution engineering team and culture of our own. Everything's not ready yet, and by joining our team you'll have an excellent opportunity not only in building top notch digital solutions for our international audience, but also in creating a culture that promotes openness, sharing and continuous improvement of ourselves and the way we work. We don't just want a set of talented people, but we want to create an environment, where the success of the team is more important that the success of its individuals, where we have more coaching and mutual support and less management.

So make a difference, and join us!

Seppo Pöyhönen, Head of Digital Solutions Development

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