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In 2015, Finnair carried more than 10 million passengers. We are one of the world’s most punctual network carriers. Every day, our customers are looked after by highly professional staff on board our aircraft, at airports, in maintenance operations, as well as in customer service and cargo. For everything to run smoothly, millions of details must come together perfectly every single day.

The Operations unit is the heart and soul of an airline. Virtually everything that is needed for the planes to fly happens in Operations. Pilots, maintenance, ground operations and operations control work in Operations.

Developing digital solutions in Operations changes how people work every day and how we lead operations. It also further develops our customer service. Digital development in our unit means developing mobile solutions, AI-solutions, more intelligent use of data, automation, robotics, and much more. We will develop data and service platforms together with our operative partners as part of airline ecosystem.

We are now developing our operations by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by digitalisation. During 2016 we have engaged in comprehensive user-focused service design efforts in our main operational units. Based on these efforts, we will create solutions that help our employees perform even better in their jobs and that also improve our profitability.

The first solution is already in the test phase. To ease the work of our aircraft mechanics and duty managers, as well as developing our maintenance operations as a whole, we have developed mobile and tablet solutions for iOS devices. We involved our staff to the project right from the beginning. It’s been great to notice how enthusiastic people have been and how well they have received the app. This has formed an excellent foundation to build next versions and new applications.

We have lots of opportunities in front of us. We have great opportunities to influence how Finnair gets to the next level.

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Tero Valkiala, Head of Digital operations

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