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Finnair's fleet consists of a wide range of Airbus, Embraer and ATR aircraft, which Finnair Technical Operations is responsible for maintaining. In total, we have 80 aircraft in our fleet, of which 17 are new A350 XWB aircraft.

Technical Operations division employs a fantastic group of top professionals capable of managing even the most challenging situations with good cooperation. Our values are commitment to care, simplicity, courage and working together. We are continuously improving our operations and actively utilizing new digital tools.

We regularly hire new talents and professionals for various roles. In addition to aircraft mechanics and licensed engineers, Tech Ops employs numerous professionals in maintenance planning, engineering, defect management, material management, logistics, procurement, IT and repair shops in employee, expert and manager roles. Are you the next one?

Working at Technical Operations

About Finnair Technical Operations

Finnair Technical Operations employs approximately 700 technical professionals and is a part of Finnair’s Operations unit. The task of Technical Operations is to ensure the continuing airworthiness of the Finnair fleet. Finnair’s fleet is regularly maintained in accordance with approved maintenance programs. Finnair Technical Operations provides some of the maintenance services required by the fleet and procures the rest, such as aircraft base maintenance and engine overhauls, from partners around the world.

What can we offer you?

  • A job in a valued and dynamic airline 
  • Opportunities for type training 
  • Versatile development opportunities  
  • World-class partners 
  • The highly competent and motivated Finnair team

Digitalization as part of technical operations

The possibilities of digitalization in the different areas of aircraft maintenance are enormous. Instead of basing the aircraft maintenance activities on paper documentation, we are moving towards managing the activities digitally. We have automated reporting in all areas of our operations and built metrics that support our actions to support management and development. With all this, we strive to do things more rationally.

Technical Operations now and in the future

Ensuring flight safety and continuing airworthiness are the main tasks of Technical Operations. A solid foundation and know-how have been built over the years. Many of our professionals have started their careers in a different position than they are in today. Competence is built through experience and purposeful learning.

We have different opportunities for people who want to develop and advance their career. At the same time as we are hiring junior employees, we will also need in-depth aviation professionals in the coming years. The basis for future Tech Ops is constantly being built. Would you like to be part of this future?

Video: The end of an era — Farewell to A340

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Career stories

The father and son at the heart of Finnair Technical Services

Jouni Pääkkö has always loved to work with his hands. After a childhood spent building and flying model airplanes, a career in aircraft engineering at Finnair Technical Services was a natural fit. But it didn’t come easy. And it wouldn’t come easy for his son Jesse Pääkkö either. Today, father and son work side by side servicing Finnair aircraft in Helsinki Airport’s hangar 7.

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What it takes to change the gigantic A350 engine

Our second oldest A350, OH-LWB got one of her engines changed at the end of November. We interviewed Reijo Katiska, Powerplant Engineer at Finnair who shares insights about the process of getting the impressive and gigantic 8,000-kilo masterpiece changed.

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Finnair to say goodbye to four “zulu planes”

We are this spring saying goodbye to four of our oldest Airbus A321 aircraft that have reached the end of their economic life cycle.

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How Finnair recycles its old aircraft

When an aircraft reaches the end of its design service goal, Finnair makes sure that as many of its parts as possible are reused or recycled.

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Finnair modified two Airbus A330 aircraft for cargo use – see how the cabin changed

Finnair has modified two Airbus A330 wide-body aircraft for cargo use by removing economy class seats from the cabin. This way the freight can be carried in the cabin in addition to the cargo hold. This doubles the cargo capacity of the aircraft.

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How route and aircraft management lowers fuel use and emissions

Through optimizing fleet use Finnair is making a big impact on fuel efficiency. Several custom designed tools help keep costs and emissions down.

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